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United States/Canada Shoes:
The art price for traditional shoes starts at $60 and can go as high as $100. This includes shipping cost, supplies and labor. The shoes must be provided by the buyer either via (which has free shipping) or paid in addition to the cost of the artwork. (this will be worked out when corresponding starts!) 

Shoe Production:
I am always accepting new orders for those of you who are interested in purchasing shoes from me! When I get the order in, and we decide what you want on your shoes, payment will be prompted. Once I recieve your payment, it is used to purchase your shoes (or you may order your shoes via

I use Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor pencils, acrylics and Liquidex varnish on the shoes. The shoes are ordered either by myself with full payment or by the client. I recommend because they have free shipping. The shoes MUST be white canvas. 

What do I want?
I have no problem helping people figure out what they would like to put on their shoes - a theme idea to start with - but ultimately it is up to you what you want on your shoes.  They are dependent solely on what you want. Your tastes are far different than mine, I’m sure! So, this is a helpful format for you to use to figure out what you would like!

Right shoe


Outside Panel:

Inside Panel:

Left Shoe


Outside Panel:

Inside Panel: 

PLEASE do not email me and ask me to internet search the images for you. I am one girl doing these shoes, and I don’t have time to research your orders for you. I ask that you please take the time to find the images of references you need. The more photo references, the better idea I will have for what you want on your shoes. If you aren’t sure what you want and are emailing to brainstorm with me, that’s completely acceptable! But please understand that I can’t do the research for you. 

Please keep in mind the more detail you put into your shoe, the price will adjust. As I have explained before, pricing for shoes is very subjective to the design. The base price is $70. If you have your shoe covered from toe to heel with intricate work, the price can go as high as $120.

Time frame for Shoes:
I am very grateful for every single order that I get in. They help me a lot, and I appreciate the patronage so much. But please keep in mind that I am sick. There are days where I am fighting infections, and there may be times when I am hospitalized. I am unable to work under those conditions.  I like to get shoes as soon as payment is made so I have them, but it may take me a week or two to get your sketch submit to you. I really appreciate all the kindness and patience I’ve seen because of this, and I will continue to work hard on your little bits of art! I explain more about the time frame for shoes in the FAQ below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you ship outside the United States?
Absolutely! To get a quote on just how much your shoes would be, send me your address to my email and I can find out. For the most part, freight shipping outside the North America continent is fairly affordable and doesn’t inflate the cost of the shoes too much!

How long does it take to complete a pair shoes?
Depending on how well I am, you can expect your shoes in about two to three weeks. I can get them done on a rush order in 48 hours of receiving the shoe, but a normal order take three weeks. It’s just me working on the orders. Typically what will happen is I will receive your money and purchase the shoes (unless they are provided). You will get notification that the shoes have been purchased. In about a week (again, depending on illness) I will email you to let you know I am going to sketch up your shoes and send you images of it. Once you approve the sketch, it goes into the queue of approved orders before yours until your shoe’s birthday. I try very hard to keep up communication about your shoes; if at any time you are curious where you are in queue, you are more than welcome to email me! 

What kind of stuff can you NOT put on traditional shoes?
Since the shoes are canvas and I’m working with markers and paints that have the potential to bleed, I cannot do designs that have a LOT of small and particular detail in them. Portraits are very difficult for me to do, as well, because of this reason. I can do them to the best of my ability, but please keep in mind that the area I’m working with is already very small and the knitted canvas on the shoes is very fibrous. I also have the right to refuse any image or idea that I feel promotes hate, ignorance or violence.   

What forms of payment do you accept?
I take personal check, money order, Western Union, Moneygram, cash. I do NOT currently have PayPal. When it becomes available, I will let you know!

When is payment due?
Payment is required before the shoes are made. The payment goes directly towards the purchase of the shoe, unless you have provided them. I don’t have the ability to buy shoes, I simply don’t have any money. The artwork price starts at $70 and goes up to $100, depending on the amount of detail and design; this is in addition to the cost of the shoe.

What can I get on my shoes?
Anything you want! Each shoe is unique to each customer. The more direction that I have, the better. Include pictures and descriptions if possible! PLEASE do not email and tell me to google search your images. I absolutely do not have time to do this. If you are asking for specific photographs or images for your shoes, please take the time to look them up and enclose links or attach files to the email. Again, I ask that you use the form to submit your idea to me.

What types of shoes are offered?
I can only work on white canvas shoes. You can purchase your shoes online via and have them shipped to my address or you can pay me for the cost of the shoe in addition to the art. You can also purchase your shoes from a local area and ship them to me, whatever is most convenient. But they MUST be white canvas shoes.  

Can I make payments over time?
If you order your shoes and have them shipped, I can hold your shoes for six months waiting for the remaining payment to come in. So, if you send your shoes and the balance on them is $80, you can send the $80 as it becomes available, but I do not accept payment-over-time only because I worry about bookkeeping and allocation of funds.

I don’t know what I want on my shoes. Can you pick for me?
I can’t, I’m sorry! My creativity is subjective to my own personal tastes. Sending me a list of things you like might help, but I will be in contact with you to try and narrow and choose what it is you’re looking for. Once we both have a picture in our head, we can go from there! I’m very happy to help people figure out what they would like!

What happened to your manufactured shoe option?
I have not received any orders for manufactured shoes. They are still offered, but on a case by case basis. Especially in the case of multiple shoe orders (for teams or for clubs) the manufactured shoe is still an option. (These are shoes that are made by Keds, in which I only get a small percentage of the sale.) 

 Why did it take you so long to email me back?
Sometimes I get a little behind on my correspondence, and I apologize in advance!  Right now, it’s just me working on a lot of questions. If you think that your email is going unnoticed, please don’t hesitate to email me again or contact me via any of the contacts that I have listed. I promise, I’ll get to your emails! I try to answer within a day or two!

Again, my contact information is as follows:

AIM: Sylvadine
Twitter: Sylvadine 

Feel free to ask questions or make plans. I’m very open to them and I’m at my desk most of the time. If you are placing an order, PLEASE direct it to my email. All other inquiries are welcome on AIM/Twitter.

More information about shoes and art pricing:


AS OF 7/1/210:

Effective immediately, my supplier has discontinued the shoes that I used to use. This is really quite an upset, as they were the most affordable option. Because of this, my pricing is going to change to the following:

$60 - $100
This is the base price for art. The cost of supply, labor and shipping. This is IN ADDITION to the cost of shoe. 

There are three options for the shoes.  You are able to choose the most affordable for you or the most convenient. They are as follows:

1. Purchase your shoes via, or and have them shipped to my address (which will be provided when we email to plan your shoes!)

2. Purchase your shoes from a local supplier and ship them to my address.

3.  Send me the total amount (shoes + shipping + art) and I will order the shoes directly from the website of your choice. I will accept check, money order, moneygram and Paypal*.

Please note that if you purchase your shoes and have them shipped that I will NOT work on them until the total amount due is paid. You may order your shoes and have them sent with a follow-up payment within six months. I will hold the shoes for that period of time while waiting for the rest of the total due to be paid. 

*Paypal will soon be an option for shoe ordering, I hope within the next two or three weeks. This will help expedite the process and make it much more efficient. I will update when it is active as soon as possible!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me via the email listed on my Tumblr. All orders that are currently paid will still be upheld as per the agreement outlined.