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SHOES — An Update.

My name is Rhionna. I’m a tattoo artist that was recently diagnosed with a condition known as brittle diabetes. It has caused a lot of stress on my body, and at the age of 27 I am in stage two kidney failure. In addition to being quite ill, I do not have health insurance. I am unable to work because of dangerous blood sugar and keytones in my blood stream which both causes illness and changes in vision. While some days my vision is good, other days it is quite difficult to see clearly and in the tattoo industry, this is not a good thing.

To try and make some sort of income, I am making shoes. I will explain in this update the types of shoes that are available and the prices as well as my contact information for ordering your shoes.

What I mean by ‘traditional’ is the way in which they are created. They are physically made by me with physical media. (Markers, paint, inks, etc.)  They are first sketched in pencils and then inked and colored. After that process, they are sealed with a medium gloss varnish. This seals the canvas and protects the color. HOWEVER, I have to stress that these shoes are for daily walking and not hiking in mountains. (I would hope you had more comfortable shoes for that, anyhow!) The varnish will protect the color and canvas from light water. But they cannot be submerged completely. They cannot be subjected to excessive water deluges or waterlogged conditions. Please keep that in mind when ordering shoes, as the non-traditional shoe may be a better fit for you. (Haha! And there’s a pun.)

Timeframe: As of right now, from the time I get the shoe it takes one week to create, confirm design, and then up to an additional two weeks to finish, varnish and seal and ship. Rush orders are available in some circumstances for an additional fee of $10. Please keep in mind I get frequent infections, as I am currently in kidney failure. This may set back your shoes.

Warranty: A lot of people have asked me about this, so I wanted to discuss the warranty of traditional shoes. First of all, they are a craft item. While I can promise you that I will work diligently on them, I cannot promise that they will last forever so that you may bequeath them to your next-of-kin. As I have said before, they are sealed with a varnish and the inside can be sprayed with Scotch Guard to keep water out as well. But ultimately, it’s canvas with marker and paint. Please be aware of that. If things spill on them, the varnish will protect them and you can easily wipe them. I have tested this myself. It works just fine, so no worries there! 

Subject Matter: This is negotiable. I won’t do anything slanderous or hateful, but I highly doubt that I’ll get requests for those sorts of things. The subject of your shoes is up to you. I cannot pick what you want to put on them, but I will be more than happy to help you brainstorm to figure out what might suit you! 

Shoe Type: As pictured above, the slip-in is the only shoe that I have available for traditional media as of right now. It is not in my budget to buy other shoes. If you want to buy your own shoes and send them, I will be more than happy to design them as long as they are canvas. (More information on this is found in the pricing section)


Traditional: $70 - 120, depending on style. If you provide your own shoes, the cost is discounted by $15. There is no haggling and there is no group/multiple order specials. 

These prices include shipping. Please take into consideration that it takes me all day to put the designs on the shoes. That doesn’t include the time it takes me to sketch and work with clients to make sure it is exactly what they want. I am willing to work with people, but I apologize in advance that I cannot accept pay-over-time payments or good-will gestures. I cannot barter or trade goods for shoes. 

I appreciate your business more than I can say. Every pair of shoes that you commission for me goes directly towards medication, food and doctor’s visits. So thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to provide a service and I hope to continue doing this more often in the future.



AIM: sylvadine
Twitter: sylvadine